• IUKB-LGS partnership

    We have combined the expertise and experience of two institutions to provide world class Business Programmes.

    Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, IUKB, was founded in 1989 as a cultural, social and educational institution that promotes scientific research. The institution was officially recognised by the Swiss Government as a University Institute in 1992.

    The Lemania Group of Schools, LGS, first opened its doors to students in 1908. Today it is managed by the third generation of the orginal family founders, and consists of 11 schools, college, including a recognised and accredited school of business.

    Mission Statement (350 K)

  • The Swiss Headquarters of IUKB are located in the city of Sion, capital of the Canton of the Valais.

    The climate is the most agreeable in Switzerland due to over 200 days of sunshine every year.

    The area offers a magnificent alpine environment and has developed into a major region for winter sports. Part of the exceptional environment of the Valais has been put under the protection of UNESCO world heritage programme.

    The IUKB Business Programmes campus, located only a few minutes from the city centre, offers an incomparable ambience for studying and living.

    From IUKB in Sion it is easy to explore the rest of the country, and thanks to Switzerland’s participation in the Schengen Area, also Western Europe.

    By train, Sion is connected in one to two hours with all the major cities of Switzerland: Bern, Geneva, Zurich, Luzern, Basel, Lausanne. The Swiss federal train company (CFF/SBB) offers many opportunities for young people and students, such as ‘Voie 7’ – free ride on all Swiss trains for young people after 7 pm.

    By plane (via Geneva International Airport or Zurich Airport), all Western Europe capitals can be reached in one or two hours (e.g. Paris, Rome, Berlin, London, Madrid) Low cost airlines make these flights accessible even to students.

    Switzerland has one of the highest standards of living in the world, and a worldwide reputation for stability, and safety, leaves you free to get on with your studies.

    With four national languages and a multiethnic population cultural events are many and varied.

    From classical, jazz and pop music concerts and festivals, to art festivals, to live theatre, to exhibitions, you'll find it all here...

    The multicultural environment also means that the fine cuisine there has influences from all around the world.
    Health care is second to none, including many world-renowned medical facilities and thermal centres.

    To study in Switzerland you’ll need a Study Permit and obligatory health insurance; IUKB Business Programmes administration is there to guide you through the processes.

    Students are allowed to work up to 15 hours per week during the semester and at full-time during the holidays.

    The Students’ Guide provides detailed information regarding the organisation of every day life on IUKB campuses and study centre.

    Students' Guide (pdf 167KB)

  • Take advantage of a strong network

    IUKB MBA and BBA programmes are offered to well-established partner institutions around the world.
    Our partners are carefully selected in order to guarantee the continued high quality of the IUKB Business Programmes. All members of the network benefit from the experiences of the other campuses in developing the programme. IUKB provides full support and assistance to their partners in setting up the programmes, and maintaining the high quality.

    Graduates of the IUKB Business Programmes benefit from the added value that comes from the multicultural approach. IUKB graduates receive a Swiss University Diploma signed by IUKB recognised by the Swiss government.

    Discover our Network

  • In the IUKB Business Programmes, management is not seen as a science explaining why business is successful or not, but as a process that enables taking the right decision at the right time.

    The methodology is to take a holistic view of management in order to reach a balance between soft and hard skills. The Programmes limit the workload required for the study of auxiliary sciences, such as mathematics, economics or social sciences.

    Due to the diversity of students and faculty, a unique, multicultural approach adds tremendous value to problem solving and decision making capabilities.

    The IUKB Business Programmes are structured according to the Bologna Declaration.

    The IUKB BBA programme is designed for high school graduates who wish to start a career in business. Graduates will have acquired knowledge that can be directly applied in the business world.

    In the three years of study students will be exposed to all facets of business, including: management, finance, marketing and communication, human resources management, quantitative business analysis (QBA), computer sciences, and law.

    After five semesters of core courses, students can major in Management or Tourism.

    The modular programme allows students to begin their studies either in October or March.

    BBA Programme (pdf 267K)

    Switzerland has built a strong reputation for business success in two industries: banking and tourism. It makes sense therefore for an institution recognised by the Swiss government to create an MBA course with special focus on these two subjects.

    The programme provides a genuine choice between the two specialisations: numerous case studies are selected in relation to the banking or tourism industries, and discussed in interdisciplinary workshops. The structure allows students to divide their workload (i.e. attendance, personal work and reading, assignments and exams) in two almost equal parts between core courses and courses related to their major.

    The MBA programme is divided into two semesters, each of which can be followed separately. Students can start the MBA either in October or March.
    MBA programme (pdf 205K)

  • A degree by a Swiss university institution

    According to the distribution of responsibilities between the Swiss Confederation (federal authorities) and the Cantons (state authorities), education and professional training, including the university level, belong to the Cantons. Therefore, the programs carried out by IUKB, alone or in partnership, must meet the requirements of the University Education Law of Valais (Loi sur la formation et la recherche universitaires - 2001).

    More on the status of IUKB/LGS Business Programmes. (1.6M)

  • Meet the faculty

    IUKB students benefit from teachers with industry experience, and have the opportunity to mix with international researchers present on the campus.

    Students are exposed to a broad range of cultural diversity and business expertise, which contributes to a truly enriching and unforgettable educational experience.

    During your study at IUKB, major international companies will showcase their best practices in special presentations and seminars. You will learn about how business works from current professionals.

    This invaluable knowledge will play an important part in bringing success in your job search and achieving your career goals.

    List of faculty (pdf 119KB)

  • Urban Campus is one of two accommodation options available in Switzerland.

    The Urban Campus is situated in the city centre of Sion, five minutes by froot from the railway station and a big commercial centre.
    Sports facilities such as: swimming, ice-skating, football, basketball, beach volleyball, and athletics are all close by. From the Urban campus to IUKB takes ten minutes by bus.

    Rue St-Guérin 24
    1950 Sion

    Situation map

    Urban Campus description (pdf 338KB)

    Green Campus is one of two accommodation options available in Switzerland. The Green Campus is situated in the north of Sion city, 20 minutes by foot from the railway station.

    It is in a residential area with trees and charming green spaces. The calm atmosphere is perfect for concentrating on studies.

    From the Green Campus to IUKB takes 20 minutes by bus.

    Chemin de l'Hôpital 88
    1950 Sion

    Situation map

    Green Campus Description (pdf 339KB)

    The University Campus is situated in Bramois, a short distance from Sion.

    The University Campus is an ideal place to study. Its ultramodern facilities include a 300-place multipurpose hall, fully-equipped classrooms, study and computer rooms, and the IUKB Library, which is part of the Library Network of Western Switzerland (RERO), linking some 200 libraries.

    IUKB students have access to the EBSCO system. EBSCO is the industry's most complete Webbased tool for organizing and providing links to all libraries.

    Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch
    Chemin de l'Institut 55
    1967 Bramois

    Situation map

  • Applying for admissions

    All information regarding application is provided in the Application Form to be downloaded from the website.

    Application files are to be sent to :

    IUKB Business Programmes
    International Department
    Attn. Anne Darbellay, Admission Officer
    P.O. Box 4176
    1950 Sion - 4

    Application Form (pdf 153KB)

  • Get the answer to all your questions

    Any question ?

    Our FAQ may have the answer you are looking for.

    If not, we will be delighted to be in touch with you directly.


    IUKB University
    Phone: +41(0)27 205 73 91
    Fax: +41(0)27 205 73 01
    Email: letizia.dangelis@business.iukb.ch

Dean's welcome

Next intake will take place on 25th October 2010. The Dean will meet all new students on Monday 25th 8.45 am during a mandatory information session.

Medical care - special offer

A representative of the medical care and health insurance will meet all new students on Monday 25th 10.00 am during a mandatory information session.

Fondation Pierre Gianadda
Nicolas de Staël
Until 21st November 2010 (Martigny - Valais)

Metropop Festival
From 11th to 13th November 2010 (Lausanne - Vaud)

EIE Malta at Expo Learning 2010

IUKB Business Programmes were presented by EIE Malta during the Expo Learning 2010. Check the album.

Scholarship under the patronage of the Swiss Ambassador

Dr Charles Dufault has convinced the Swiss Ambassador to Belgrade to help UNYB and IUKB to launch a scholarship for an IUKB MBA student in Belgrade. More details to come.

Course descriptions

Updated course descriptions are online under "programme" section.

MBA Course Catalogue 2010

The updated MBA Course Catalogue will be available from July 1st 2010. If you haven't received your copy, please get in touch with the Programme Coordinator letizia.dangelis@business.iukb.ch.

List of faculty

Updated list of faculty is online under "Swiss Faculty" section.

Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF)

Professor Véronique Sikora was co-chairman of the 12th SKMF round-table at EPFL on March 4th 2010. This round-table is a semi-structured discussion designed to informally gather people who share interest in KM, IT , and life information. More information on the SKMF homepage.

Accommodation options

Two accommodation options are available from 24th October 2010: Urban and Green Campus. See "Swiss Campus" section.

Gala Dinner

The Student's Council will take part actively in the Graduation Ceremony. Get in touch with the President von Walzel, if you want to contribute.